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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

FOAD Contest: Drumroll Please

Today is the deadline for entries to the now-famous (thanks, Miss Snark) Classy Screw You (aka "Fuck Off and Die") letter contest. While waiting for that last flurry of entries from all you professional procrastinators, I thought I'd take a moment to explain how the entries will be posted.

The bad news is that I am nowhere near as prolific a poster as the aforementioned Miss Snark (ref: Crap-o-Meters 1-4.) Therefore I shall only be posting 5 entries a day until we are done. Counting up letters received so far, it will take about a week. The good news is that with only 5 posts to read per day, you'll have time to do other things, like eat, sleep, work and attend to the call of nature -- all exploits that tend to suffer trying to keep up with the Mighty Snark when she is in Posting Mode with a C-o-M.

As the letters are posted, I'll shoot off an email to the author that includes the link, so you don't have to click multiple times a day waiting for your entry; though of course you can if you want.

Comments on individual letters are welcome and may or may not be taken into account in the final judging, which of course will be completely arbitrary. The winner will be announced (by number only) the day after the last group of posts. With any luck, we'll have the whole thing wrapped up just in time for me to get started on Grand Rounds.


At Wed Jan 31, 07:50:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"FOAD" is used daily now among my small circle of friends. It's become a noun of sorts: both descriptive and wishful.


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