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Friday, October 06, 2006

Long Range Planning

Comment from Still More About Money:
Everyone is replaceable when they are not making a whole lot. Once you are paid what you think you are worth that's when you move more towards the irreplaceable realm. Those 2000 people will find someone else to treat them and you are more likely to have more satisfaction by working less and making more in another market.

I actually find this comforting. Given that I can see my balance of happiness (personal/professional) tipping sometime in the next five years and that my goal is to re-invent myself into a cash-only practice, this commenter implies that those who truly value me will be willing to pay me. I'll stay where I am, but create my own market. Sounds like a good deal.


At Fri Oct 06, 09:20:00 AM, Blogger Big Lebowski Store said...

"If you think you're indispensible, just check your schedule the first week after you're dead".

And now, another proposed Dino Law, Flea version.

"Nervous first-time parents tend to become nervous second-time parents".

At least that's been my experience.




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