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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Purple Isn't Green

My sample closet is down to a cabinet, thanks to my increasingly restrictive policies about seeing reps and only accepting samples for drugs I already prescribe. Still, I'm remain amazed and appalled by some of the excessive packaging of the samples.

The other day when I was handing out some Nexium samples to a new GERD patient. (Yes, I know it's the same as omeprazole/Prilosec OTC. But I had them, and this way he could at least try them. If they work, I'll tell him to get it OTC.) I apologetically counted out six little plastic bottles as I pointed out to him that each contained only five capsules. We winced together at the environmental unfriendliness of the packaging (not to mention that each little plastic bottle had come in its own 2 x 2 x 3 inch cardboard box) and this is what popped out of my mouth:

"It's purple, not green."


At Wed Jul 23, 10:16:00 PM, Blogger Cyberlis said...

I was just researching 'probable benign breast masses' on the Web after having just gone through both a spot mammogram and an ultrasound today, when (low-and-behold) "A Tale of Two Tittles" popped up in my Google results. To say the least, I was rather intrigued by the title (of which you credit your darling spouse), so I read your blog post.

After thoroughly enjoying that article, I decided to peruse your site further for some more amusing tidbits-and happily, I wasn't disappointed... I have to state in all honesty, that I love your comment to the GERD patient; "It's purple, not green."

You've put together a quite enjoyable (and informative) blog site! Keep up the great work!

At Wed Jul 23, 10:56:00 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

I did a post on the packaging of medications not too long ago myself. Personally, I think it is stupid and expensive. Blister packs in boxes for samples really are good enough. Do I really need a mini version of the bottle holding 2 pills? I think not.

At Thu Jul 24, 07:58:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nexium is not the same as Prilosec! Nexium is only the S-enantiomer; Prilosec is a racemic mixture. It may be a marketing ploy, but please be chemically correct.

At Thu Jul 24, 01:35:00 PM, Blogger knitalot3 said...

Pathetically purple.

My insurance tried to get me to substitute Pepcid for Protonix when it went OTC.

Am I correct? NOT the same.

(I use generic Protonix now)


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