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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


One of the commenters from my previous post hit the nail right on the head:
We don't have a national health system in the US, only a national health payment system.

I vote against any plan that includes the word insurance, because all the dough goes to the middlemen, not to the patients or the actual health care providers.

Marketing is highly developed here, and in my lifetime, we as a people have gone from personal responsibility for health to believing the hype about both products and procedures. The latter don't work, frankly, except for very small instances (magnified by fudging numbers and hand waving statistics -- I know, having done same for clinical trials).

If we HAD a health care system, it would allow for health clinicians to treat each patient individually, and use appropriate products and procedures, no matter how small the population (irrespective of market share) for whom they worked well....

I'm not against paying for the expert services of a good clinician or health system. I am against obscene profits paid to middle mismanagement.
You sing it, baby!!


At Wed Jun 17, 01:12:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Outstanding post. I purely agree with all you said however there is more to the story from my point of view. Having practiced in UK in the mid 80's I understand maybe better than most that we are headed for medical care rationing under the guise of the DC health care plan for all. Those 40 million uninsured we are all going to help will now have the same Universal health care that the poor 190 million unsuspecting middle class do-gooders will ultimately end up with. Sad thing is that the new health care will be worse than the what the 40 million receive now. Thank god there is at least one physician in my family! mdfootwhisperer


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