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Friday, January 11, 2008

MS Website Slams CAM

(Just auditioning for a job as a headline writer.)

I have a cousin with MS who sent me the link to this really cool site, Multiple Sclerosis Sucks. Go check it out; it's great. What's really refreshing is to read about MS from the view of the patient-scientist. Here are some of the more interesting pages I've read on the site so far:
'Nuff said.


At Fri Jan 11, 10:15:00 PM, Blogger Lynn Price said...

you will begin to attract the most outlandish collection of crooks, shysters, con-artists, illusionists, delusionists, flakes, fakes, freaks, idiots, morons, weak-minded simpletons, cretins, shamans, Californians ,

Aieeeeee! Quick, someone find me a rock to hide under.

At Fri Jan 11, 11:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind review!

At Mon Jan 14, 04:10:00 PM, Blogger Hygeian said...

Great site!


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