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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Memo to Obnoxious Lawyer Bitch Girl*

(*A fun nickname originated by her; no offense intended, and I trust none taken.)

From an email exchange with Medblog Addict:
If I feel like writing "fuck you" I should be able to ... I guess it's that old "don't want to disappoint anyone" rearing its ugly head.
Look at it this way: in anonymous blogging, you have found unconditional acceptance, and an audience who really likes the authentic "you". I think you'll find the more you let loose, the more your blog will be enjoyed (by me, anyway, and I know by others), the more positive feedback you'll get, and the better you'll feel. You have a place to let "Obnoxious Lawyer Bitch Girl" safely out to play, and who knows: you'll probably reap the benefits in Real Life (tm) of having aired out your negativity, and probably glean some interesting ideas from your new blogging friends and commenters about ways to handle some of your RL situations.

I've got news for you: just as you are captivated by this medical world of ours, the legal world of letters and lawsuits, depositions and litigation is just as intimidating and fascinating to us. We, too, feel like outsiders. In fact, the feelings are closer than you might think: you know more than we do, and you can use your knowledge to hurt us if we aren't careful. We try to stay far away from you, even though calling you early (and paying you inordinate sums of money that we don't feel we can spare) can minimize or even alleviate considerable pain down the road. Doesn't that sound a whole lot like a guy in his fifties making excuses not to see the doctor?

So bring on the work stories; the nasty clients; the snarky letters; all of it. The idea that lawyers are really people after all is a revelation. Even though you're not in med-mal (especially because you're not in med-mal) we are fascinated by your work, and are thrilled with any little glimpse you are willing to provide into your world.


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