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Monday, March 05, 2007

Purim Fun

The venerable Flea has already discussed Purim, calling it the "Jewish Mardi Gras" (although I have been known to call it the Jewish Halloween.) I wanted to share the final product of another very special interlude with my youngest nestling who wanted to bake a cake for "Esther's Cake Walk," one of the games at our synagogue's Purim Carnival. The game is basically Musical Chairs, where the winner of each round wins a cake; thus they need as many cakes as possible donated for the event.

Young Nestling began talking about it with me on Friday night: he wanted to make a jack-in-the-box cake. He couldn't quite convey the image he clearly had of it in his mind, but over the course of an hour's conversation (incredibly rewarding for its collegiality and total lack of rancor -- imagine that with a 17-year-old) it turned out he didn't really have all that clear an idea of what he wanted. After further discussion, it morphed into this, from the old Addams Family:

"Thank you, Thing."

The glove was filled with lemon jello, giving it the perfect disgusting fleshy consistency. The three layers were frosted so as to give the appearance of a table. The cake itself was made from scratch; my suggestion, thinking that a scratch cake would be sturdier to work with than a store bought "super moist" one (correct) though the frosting was store bought. Saturday was baking day (and jello-filled-glove setting day) and Sunday morning was the final assembly and picture taking. It was a wonderful project for us to share.

And a hearty Chag Purim Sameach to all!


At Mon Mar 05, 02:27:00 PM, Blogger Bo... said...

Looks good--I want a piece!

At Mon Mar 05, 06:58:00 PM, Blogger Bardiac said...

The table effect is brilliant! I loved Thing when I was a kid!

Good job!

At Tue Mar 06, 04:11:00 PM, Blogger Sid Schwab said...

My wife and I just made Hamentaschen. More correctly, she did all the producing, I dolloped and folded. Now we'll send them to my mom who, until the last two years of her descent into Alzheimer's, always sent perfect ones to us.

At Thu Mar 08, 08:10:00 PM, Blogger Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

#1 - Welcome to the world of food blogging!

At Thu Mar 08, 09:21:00 PM, Blogger Cathy said...

Thank you for this idea! I'm always trying to come up with things for my grand daughter and I to make. This is perfect. She will love the jello in the glove idea.

At Mon Mar 12, 07:43:00 AM, Blogger Narya said...

Homemade icing is pretty easy, too: butter, confectioner's sugar, and a little cream or milk--for chocolate, check out the Hershey's can, IIRC. Or one of the baking chocolate boxes.

And, of course, I'm old enough to actually remember the Addams Family on TV.


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