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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Creme Brulee and Medical Jokes When There's No One to Get Them

I've always enjoyed creme brulee, and a few weeks ago Darling Spouse and I invested in a new toy to make it: an adorable little miniature kitchen blowtorch, that came with a set of four cute little white porcelain ramekins with fluted edges. We've made it twice so far, and although it came out great (as in, delicious) I'm discovering that there's some technique involved in burning sugar. Gaining experience has never been so tasty, and fire is always fun. (I suppose the Jock and the Nestling come by their pyromania honestly.)

Last night we went out to dinner with some old friends at a lovely Cajun restaurant. (It was a challenge to avoid bread, flour and other non-pesadech stuff, but we managed well enough.) When the server mentioned that one of their dessert specials was vanilla creme brulee, I stopped listening and ordered it.

Like the rest of the meal, the presentation was lovely: crispy brown burnt sugar crust over yummy custard, served with fruit -- in a heart-shaped ramekin. As I removed the fruit I noticed that there was a blotch of darker brown in the crust localized to the upper left of the dish; though of course to the dish's orientation, it was the upper right.

"Oh look," I wanted to say, "The S-A node." But there was no one else at the table to get the joke. I sighed, and slowly ate my creme brulee. It was awesome.


At Sat Apr 07, 08:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would've gotten it and I'm still in high school! :O

At Sat Apr 07, 09:40:00 PM, Blogger Pseudo_Doctor said...


At Sat Apr 07, 10:26:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sort of thing happens to me all the time while I'm working on the pharm. Most of my colleagues aren't big dorks, so they tend to find the jokes not funny.

I stopped sharing, so instead they end up asking why I'm laughing by myself for no apparent reason. Then they make helpful comments like "Yo man we have drugs for what ails you."


I can't win.

At Mon Apr 09, 02:54:00 AM, Blogger The Tundra PA said...

ummmmm, creme brulee... you can make that at home? I never knew. It's been years since I had it. It is not on the menu at any of Bethel's fine dining establishments...


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