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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Really Good Freudian Slip

I have a patient who has been seeing me for many years. Even though he has moved out of the area and now lives in Florida working as a big corporate executive, he still flies back here every Spring to spend Passover with his family, and to have his physical, his blood work, and his prescriptions refilled during a lovely visit with me. He's basically healthy, so it's fine with him and fine with me. I consider him a good friend.

At this year's visit we spoke of his work. I asked him what his present job title was.

"Senior Director of Research," he answered, "but as of next week, I shall be the gullible Director of Research." He smiled as he tried to work his way around his tongue. "I mean Global Director, of course."

"No," I said with a smile, "I think you got it right the first time."


At Sat Apr 21, 11:38:00 AM, Blogger SeaSpray said...

Ah yes... the Freudian slip. While Freud's theories have come in to question - there IS something to the old Freudian slip. :)


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