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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just for Fun - Another Time Waster

In honor of the arrival yesterday of my parents' 13th grandchild, here's a fun little interactive graph showing the frequency distribution of baby names over the last century: Just for the record, the name Henry was the 8th most frequent name given to boys in the 1880's, steadily decreased to the 120th by the 1970's, with a gradual climb back upward, reaching the 78th in 2008.

Cole, on the other hand, doesn't even appear in the top 1000 (tracked by the graph) until the 1940's, and then takes a very sharp upturn in the 1980's, reaching a peak at the 70th most popular name in 2003.

Congratulations, M & P. (Everyone else, don't blame me for all the time wasted at work.)


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