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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looky Here

Check out page 6 of the current copy of Keystone Family Physician, the official publication of the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians.

For anyone without Adobe Flash player and to flesh out this post a bit, here's what it says:
Lucy Hornstein, MD (Valley Forge) is known to many simply as “#1 Dinosaur.” That’s her blogging moniker for “Musings of a Dinosaur,” which she has authored since August 2006. The blog built a huge following and she was asked to write a book about her almost 20 years as a “so-called dinosaur” or “solo practice primary care physician.”

“Declarations of a Dinosaur; 10 Laws I’ve Learned as a Family Doctor” hit the bookstore shelves in August. Published by Kaplan, the book offers advice to others who hung out the shingle, musings to help them survive and, hopefully, thrive in a profession that some think is on its way to extinction or already there.

Not so fast, says Dr. Hornstein, a PAFP member since 1988, who notes her first book is just that and not a new career.

Here’s the opening now posted on her blog….“They say the solo Family Doctor is extinct; gone the way of the dinosaur. Well, I've been in private practice for nineteen years and I'm still kicking, so here's my blog. Until they drag my cold, dead body off into the tar pit, read about my trials and tribulations -- and the joys and triumphs, which are what keep me going. I'm also embarking on a new career as an author. You can read my first book by ordering it below. If anyone worries that I may become so successful with my writing that I will give up my medical practice, rest assured: writing is something I do; doctoring is who I am.”

Read her 10 laws and more at
The actual article also has a picture of the book, and another one of moi. Plus it makes a nifty "whooshing" noise when you click to turn the pages.


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