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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Wiseass on the Elevator

That would be me.

Our local mall has two levels. Darling Spouse and I headed over there this afternoon to get a few gifts and enjoy some great people-watching. At one point, we were on the bottom level and needed to go to the upper one; the most direct route was the elevator.

We didn't have to wait long (since there are only two floors) before it emptied out and we piled on along with about half a dozen other holiday shoppers. I made a point of standing in the far corner away from the control panel. A very nice woman came in and stood next to the buttons. The door closed and we began moving up.

I called out to the lady near the door, "Three, please."

I don't know if she was visiting from somewhere else, but she probably wasn't a regular mall patron, because she stared at the panel, trying to find the button for the third floor. When she finally figured out I was pulling her leg, she -- and everyone else in the elevator -- burst out laughing.

As we got off, I wished them all Happy Holidays; they all thanked me for the laugh.


At Sat Dec 15, 09:30:00 PM, Blogger Charlie said...

Ha! Nicely done.

At Sat Dec 15, 10:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Dr. D, there's a typo in the seventh paragraph of your entry.

At Sun Dec 16, 10:42:00 AM, Blogger #1 Dinosaur said...

Thanks, Kensington; it's fixed.

At Sun Dec 16, 01:32:00 PM, Blogger Lynn Price said...

I just love people like you. Elevators are such fun, and it's apparent you make the ride memorable. How typically you...

At Sun Dec 16, 02:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most fun I have ever been on in an elevator was when I was on jury duty. We started to tell lawyer jokes in the elevator in the court house.

I learned some new ones from a couple of lawyers. We could tell who they were: the nicely dressed ones with briefcases and no big "Juror" name tags.

At Mon Dec 17, 11:01:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great joke.
A friend of mine nearly got in a fight with a big biker guy at a casino when he did this once, so I've avoiding using it ever since.
You apparently are a little better at picking your "victims" :-)


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