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Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Don't Miss You...

...except when we do.

Dear Jock, DinoDaughter, DenverDaughter and NinjaBaker,

Most of the time, DS and I have no problem with the fact that you're all out of the house, away at school and off on your own. We don't miss you at all. Really; we don't. Most of the time.

Then there are times like these:

We still have five shovels. Come home anytime.

Later that day:

(Let it be known that when DS went out for milk, he crashed the right side of that carefully carved snow cavern out to the street -- despite there being PLENTY of room on both sides of his car. Furthermore, upon his return, he crashed the left side.)

Just to give you a better idea:

I'm told that the terminology for this stuff is as follows: First there was Snowpocalypse, followed by Snowmageddon. This was "Snowverkill".


At Thu Feb 11, 09:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

woohoo! snow!!! no school! I feel like I'm in elementary school again! And it's great building snow too! There's gonna be a snowman army protecting our building soon!

love ya!

At Thu Feb 11, 10:53:00 AM, Blogger Jon said...

So true, so true. I have a couple I can lend you (kids, that is). Our 8-14 inches of snow turned out to be less than 2". Love the weather hype.

At Thu Feb 11, 11:19:00 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

We had someone knock at the door and ask if we wanted to pay him to shovel our driveway. I about kissed him, I was so excited. Two and a half feet was a bit much for me to handle by myself!

At Thu Feb 11, 12:07:00 PM, Blogger Rachel Cooper said...

I love the Rolling Peke in the background supervising.

At Thu Feb 11, 04:17:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had 43" of snow in the last week (6 inches early last week in a storm so minor it didn't get named; then 25" in Snowmageddon, then "just" 12" in Snoverkill).

I learned a lot about shoveling snow this week. (I actually did a bit during the 19" of Snowpocolypse in 12/09, even tho' I spent most of that in the hospital w/ DD6.) It's excellent exercise; it's invigorating; it's satisfying to see tangible progress; and it's a huge PITA when the snow berm is ALREADY five feet high from previous storms, b/c then you have to toss the NEW snow OVER the top, or else it just avalanches right back down atcha.

I envy those w/ teenagers -- children who are old enough to help shovel, but not so old that they've flown the coop, and certainly older than the "play with me, Mommy" crowd.

DD6 is DEFINITELY going to school next Tuesday!! This after her school being closed ALL WEEK. I know for certain that she's going to school next Tuesday (even tho' THERE'S MORE SNOW FORECAST FOR MONDAY!!) b/c even if her school is closed, I'm gonna take her to school anyway & she's just gonna have to hang out outside the closed, dark building if necessary -- would that be wrong? -- b/c eleven straight days snowbound with healthy, energetic, newly-non-anemic a six-year-old can DRIVE YOU BATTY!!!!


Kensington MD (and yes, folks, for those who have been misinterpreting that abbreviation: I am not a doctor: I live in Kensington, Maryland, heartland of Snowpocolypse, Snowmageddon, and Snoverkill).

P.S. Please read this entry in light of the fact that the writer has a severe case of cabin fever.

At Thu Feb 11, 04:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and that pic of your path to your mailbox was just rubbing our nose in it: we haven't had mail service for three days. I guess "neither rain nor sleet nor snow" is right up there with "first, do no harm."


Kensington MD

At Fri Feb 12, 04:00:00 PM, Anonymous NinjaBaker said...

I'll be coming in some time tomorrow (Saturday). I'll be staying around the corner, but I'd be glad to help with anything that's left.

At Fri Feb 12, 04:39:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you ninjabaker.. There's still about 15 feet of sidewark along side the house. There are brownies in it for you!!

See you tomorrow or Sunday...

At Sat Feb 13, 06:33:00 AM, Blogger NYEMT said...

I shattered my Stepkid's illusions when he was about 13 or so, and asked, "Hey - can't we get a snowblower?" I said, "Snowblowers are EXPENSIVE. On the other hand, I have a perfectly serviceable shovel - which I got cheap at Walmart in April the year before last, and you - whom I got as a package deal with your mother, to mold and shape into a productive member of society. Now go forth, young man, and produce a clear driveway." He was crushed.

He's 22 now, and off on his own, but we didn't get that much snow this year. I've only used the snowblower once. :)

At Sat Feb 13, 08:39:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Dino: When NinjaBaker wrote "I'd be glad to help with anything that's left," I'm pretty sure he was referring to the brownies in the first place.



Kensington MD

Land of the Six-Foot Ice Berms (due to the daily melt-freeze cycle).


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