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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Large, Metal Germs

Encounter with a new patient, aged 7:

Me: Do you have any pets?

Kid: We had a cat, but it died. It had a germ.

Kid's father: No, it was hit by a car.

Yes indeed; a great big metal germ.


At Tue Mar 10, 11:52:00 PM, Blogger Clinton said...

haha, that's cute :)

At Wed Mar 11, 09:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last summer I was asked by my son's daycare to come in and do a presentation on "What Veterinarians Do." I happily complied. At one point I asked the kids, "What do you think vets do?" A young (probably 5 or 6 yr old) girl raised her hand and said:

"Sometimes, when your dog is really sick, they put a needle into the dog's arm, and they give it some medicine. And then it never wakes up ever again."

Uhhhh.....yes, that's true. Can anyone ELSE tell me what vets do?


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