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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bookstore Browsings

So there I was, wandering through my local Barnes & Noble the other day checking out my favorite professional section:

Why look! Down in the lower left-hand corner:

There it is! My very own book.

I must say, it's one (pretty cool) thing to actually hold your own published book in your hand. But seeing it on the bookshelf in an honest-to-deity bookstore, in public, for everyone to see (and hopefully buy) is an order of magnitude greater excitement.

This concludes our Saturday morning kvell. We now return you to your regularly scheduled weekend.


At Sat Aug 29, 01:31:00 PM, Anonymous Nurse Bear said...

I believe my author friend has approached the local bookstores when she finds her books and asks them if they want any signed copies. Either way, congratulations! That's very cool.

At Sat Aug 29, 02:47:00 PM, Blogger Nurse K said...


I'm taking it on my vacation this week :-) Very good thus far.

At Sun Aug 30, 12:16:00 AM, Anonymous yay said...

AND next to no less than Atul Gawande!!

At Sun Aug 30, 10:12:00 AM, Anonymous medrecgal said...

Let's hope it's as easy to find at my local B & N; it should be, given that the medical reference section is where I spend most of my time, too, even though I didn't make it to med school...if the book is anything like this blog, I'm sure it will be awesome!

At Sun Aug 30, 11:04:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any sweeter view than your own book on the store shelves? Yes, as it turns out, there is...seeing people coming in and buying it. May your book sell out in mere days, Dino.

At Mon Sep 07, 01:18:00 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Can't wait to get my signed copy after your appearance on Sept. 12 in West Chester. Wish I could be there personally. Instead, family from the area is going for me.

At Thu Sep 10, 01:34:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Congratulations Dino, I think your blogs are on the money and hope your book is too! I do plan to pick one up the next time I can get to the big BN and help bring your sales ranks into the five figures! That'll be cooler than a palindrome!


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