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Monday, August 03, 2009


Everyone knows Kim, the nurse who took the blogosphere by storm on this date back in 2005.

Shane suggested that everyone help her celebrate by posting something about what Kim has meant to them on this, her 5th blogiversary. Fortunately, Ramona the quilter (which means she can count) noticed that it's really only been 4 years since Kim started Emergiblog. 4th, 5th, whatever.

Whenever you're looking for intelligent blogging about nursing, ER medicine, burnout, continuing education, blog networking, NASCAR, old advertisements, or nurse's caps, look no further than Emergiblog. For four (five, if you're Shane) years now, Kim has by turns excited, informed, educated and amused us. If she wasn't the first nursing blog, she was certainly among the first, and she remains among the very best.

Thanks for everything, Kim. Happy Blogiversary, and many more.


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