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Monday, February 05, 2007

FOAD #22

I think that's my bank:

Automobile Leasing/Financing Department
Big City, Not Your State, USA

Dear Sirs:

I wish to express my concern regarding the recent lack of calls I’ve received from ReallyBigBank. I was accustomed to at least weekly calls from your representatives and this subsequent absence of calls has been disquieting.

Nonetheless, I was pleased to learn that the car that I returned to your company at the end of my lease was finally located. I have additionally learned that my last payment has finally been credited to my account, five weeks after my check was cashed by ReallyBigBank.

Given the numerous departments in your establishment, it could be difficult to keep the information regarding each client in order – but to circumvent this problem every division calls the customer directly. There’s no need to worry about lost files or files traveling between branches with this system! Some companies would be troubled by perceived inefficiency and redundant communication with this arrangement, but your employees have none of these concerns.

This degree of individual attention given to me by ReallyBigBank has caused me to rethink my dealings with financial institutions. I know I cannot realistically anticipate this level of personal interaction in future transactions. To ensure that I am not disappointed because of any retained expectations, I will remain acutely aware of all parameters of future business interactions and will cease negotiations if ReallyBigBank is involved in any way.

Thank you for your attention.



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