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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

FOAD #34

Hey, at least you found a parking space:

Dear Ms. Ombudsman person,

I really appreciate that you took 4.5 minutes from your schedule to see me, while I was visiting your hospital on Tues. Without our visit (mine and yours) my trip would have truly been in vain.

Remember how I had to arrange to be off work for 3 days of testing at your facility? Also, how my husband had to miss work for the same period of time. How I had to PRE-PAY (non-refundable) to get the patient discount on the motel rooms your facility so graciously offer to their patients? Spending $249.00 per night, as opposed to the original quoted price of $269.00 per night for 3 nights, was really quite the bargain. Imagine how delighted I would be, if instead of being something we had no need for, we had actually gotten something for those 3 nights. Why, I wouldn't be able to stand myself.

After we had been informed that all my tests had been cancelled, due to my Doc needing to vacation during this week, I felt elated to be the recipient of the (4) free parking passes you insisted I take to make up for the terrible confusion. I can't possibly imagine how you could have been more giving. Well, maybe a simple phone call from his staff informing me that my tests had been cancelled would have been nice. Not to have made a 5 hour driving trip (one way) needlessly would have been a joy beyond words. But hey, we can't, nor should we, expect everything.

Now, when you again receive those same tickets back, once they have been used, please don't be confused if it is at a time that your computer tells you I did not have an appointment. One good turn always deserves another. Since I will no longer be visiting your facility, I did not want your kindness to go unappreciated. I handed those tickets out to (4) strangers in the parking garage, as we were leaving. I'm certain they also appreciated your kindness. I thought it only proper that I take the few minutes this letter has taken to write, to inform you of these changes.



At Tue Feb 06, 11:23:00 PM, Blogger Abigail S said...

Whoa! Loved the letter! Your sarcastic whit was entertaining. It must have really sucked, though, to go through all that hassle. Sad day, indeed.

At Wed Feb 07, 03:47:00 PM, Blogger Rei said...

Sounds too sarcastic and angry. "How I had to PRE-PAY (non-refundable)," for example. I thought this was about more subtilty in expressing distaste.


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