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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Today is The Day

Today is the *official* release date for DECLARATIONS OF A DINOSAUR; 10 LAWS I'VE LEARNED AS A FAMILY DOCTOR. Not that this means much; Amazon has been shipping it for over a week. Still, the book is now officially out there.

Thanks to all who have already bought it; I hope you are enjoying it.

Thanks in advance to all those who are planning to buy it; I know you will enjoy it.

To everyone else: you're missing a great read, so make with the clicky:


At Tue Aug 04, 03:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dino, I'm thrilled beyond reason for you. May you sell a million.

At Tue Aug 04, 05:35:00 PM, Anonymous NK said...

Hi Dino - I finished the book last week. Awesome. Those folks in DC debating the healthcare 'reform' ought to read this book!!

My personal favorite is Law 4: There is no cure for stupid.
It helps me get through my day.

At Tue Aug 04, 09:09:00 PM, Blogger drcharles said...

Congratulations again... I am on a mission to get a signed copy :)

At Tue Aug 04, 10:31:00 PM, Anonymous NinjaBaker said...

I was checking it out on Amazon and it cracks me up that it has 7 new and 3 used. Some people apparently read quickly.

I found this comment odd, under one of the "new" sources:

Comments: Brand new item. Over 6 million customers served. Order now. Selling online since 1995. Few left in stock - order soon.

Anyway, congrats on getting it out. I can't wait to read it in a couple weeks.

At Wed Aug 05, 03:52:00 PM, Blogger Bookhorde said...


At Fri Aug 07, 05:48:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting your father. He told me about your book and your blog (he even had me read the first paragraph of the book).

Anyways, from someone just starting the medical school interview process, thank you for your blog. I've enjoyed reading your thoughts.

At Sat Aug 08, 12:35:00 PM, Anonymous Kim said...

I made with the clicky! : D

Congratuations! I am getting quite the medblogger book collection!

Looking forward to reading and "reviewing" but I won't be very impartial - I know I'm going to love it! : D

At Mon Aug 10, 08:06:00 PM, Blogger Not the Doctor said...

I'm one of those ninja's who got ahold of his copy (and 4 copies for co-workers) last week. Love it.

At Sat Aug 15, 08:30:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This from the COG, who at the moment is not too C. He has three copies of the Dinosaur book, one autographed by the author. What a delightful read, and I agree with an earlier commentator who said that the politicians involved in health care reform should read it. I'm sending one copy to the Prez - who knows, he might even see the letter and glance at the book.

At Mon Aug 24, 10:12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just finished it, what a great read!


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